Self-determination instead of degradation!

The “Selbstbestimmungsgesetz” (law of self-determination) is supposed to put the 40 year old “Transsexuellengesetz” (law under which gender transitions are regulated) out of order.

This step is supposed to ensure that trans* people can change their gender without costly procedures, therapists and lots of paperwork.

Trans* inter* and non-binary people will need only to go to their local registry office and fill out a paper under oath to chance their gender.

there will also be a clause that protects trans* inter* and non-binary people from involuntarily being outed, or deadnamed.

It isnt clear yet if this law will be maintained in that way, or if more changes will be made in the end. At the end of the year it will once again be looked over by our politicans, before the law will have to go trough the usual parlamentary trials.

Of course we will keep you updated!


Here at a glance is an excerpt on further assistance:

  • Seek allies and role models within the company.
  • If possible, work with the company to create a communication and action plan.
  • Very important: You set the pace!
  • Network with the LGBTIQ network, if one exists. We have compiled a list of LGBTIQ networks in companies and organizations.


  • A Transition Guide clearly specifies who is responsible. Note: the trans* person determines the pace and whether an action should be implemented. Every transition is individual
  • Enable name and pronoun changes before the official decision is made.
  • Training sensitize HR and management
  • Establish and strengthen an internal LGBTIQ network with dedicated trans contact persons
  • Inform about the topic trans*
  • Use gender inclusive language, ask for a person’s pronouns so they use the one chosen by the trans* person and not their deadname. Deadname is the old, discarded name of a trans* person.
  • Only ask questions that you would answer yourself
  • Consciously stand up for the rights and against the discrimination of trans* persons



“The Bundesverband Trans* (BVT) sees itself as a federation of individuals, groups, associations, federations and initiatives at regional, state and national level whose common endeavor is the commitment to gender diversity and self-determination and the commitment to human rights in terms of respect, recognition, equality, social participation and health of trans persons or persons not located in the binary gender system.”


“The dgti has set itself the goal of promoting the acceptance of transidents within society and counteracting their stigmatization. It should advise and support those affected and interested, if this is desired. An essential aspect of the work should be the (re-)integration of affected persons into the work process, in order to counteract the danger of social decline, which is still associated with social change today. It advocates more openness to one’s own identity and takes into account the diversity of human existence.”


“Nationwide, volunteer-based, non-profit association for all woman-to-male (FzM/FtM) trans* and inter* people.”


“TrIQ is a social center and a politically, culturally and in the research field active association, which stands up for trans, intersex and queer living people in Berlin and beyond.”


“The project of the Münchner Aids-Hilfe e.V. is equally there for trans* and inter* people as well as their relatives and friends.”


“TGEU is a membership-based organization that was founded in 2005. Since then, TGEU has steadily grown and established itself as a legitimate voice for the trans* community in Europe and Central Asia, with 157 member organizations in 47 different countries.”