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Andersrum in die Chefetage

von Matthias Herzberg

Queer Karriere machen in der Männerwirtschaft

As a gay man, Matthias Herzberg knows what it means to be open about your sexuality, even though it can still be a big risk these days. Especially in the working world – because in the worst case it can mean the end of his career. His long struggle for recognition was marked by intrigues, discrimination and forced outings. Today, Matthias is the successful managing director of a training company. In his book, he recounts his personal experiences with the often homophobic leadership and work culture in Germany. But he also shows that the courage to be open about oneself and one’s own identity is rewarded in many ways and how this also opens one or two doors for a queer career.

Andersrum in die Chefetage” will be available March 25, 2022, but you can pre-order a copy from us now! (german only)

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