LGBT*IQ OUT OF THE BOX: Awareness Workshop

What does sexual orientation have to do with the workplace?

Same-sex marriage, third gender option, annual prides, gender inclusive language… a lot has happened in terms of diversity and equality. Also in people’s minds and in the workplace? Find out in your company and join us in raising awareness about LGBT*IQ issues.

Our workshop package “LGBT*IQ OUT OF THE BOX” has everything you need for this: you can get started right away – with eight or with a hundred people!

The box includes …

  • Trainer’s guide with detailed descriptions and instructions on objectives, framework, process and exercises
  • all required materials in sufficient quantity 
  • a exercise-accompanying PowerPoint presentation
  • Poster to promote the workshop, on which the location, time and date can be individually enteredone 
  • Give-away for each_participant

On site you will need …

  • a room
  • one hour of time
  • one person who is confident to conduct the exercise with the participants

Must have?!

Make diversity and LGBT*IQ a matter of course in your company and part of everyday life – this is how talents and energies can be promoted!

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