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Coming Out Seminar Virtual

Should I or should I not!?

Depending on the environment, corporate culture, and the personal attitude of colleagues and managers, coming out at the workplace can be a challenge. The constant concealment, on the other hand, costs energy that is then lacking elsewhere. So no more playing hide and seek? But how? Our seminar offers the opportunity to trace your own coming out biography in a protected space, to explore the compatibility of your (sexual or gender) identity with your professional role, to develop strategies for difficult situations and to try out new behaviors.

We offer you two seminars in 2023:

Coming Out Seminar | German

14th – 16th July 2023

Akademie Waldschlösschen in Reinhausen bei Göttingen

Closing date: 15th June 2023

and also:

Coming Out Seminar | English

21th – 23th April 2023


Closing date: 24th March 2023

Some companies cover the costs of the seminar without your name being disclosed to the company. If you have any questions, please contact us or ask in your LGBT*IQ network whether your employer pays for the seminar. We are happy to help here!

How do you register for the seminar? Simply send us an E-Mail in which you state that you would like to attend the seminar along with your full name, employer, address and E-Mail-Address.

Companies that would like to offer places to their employees are also very welcome to contact us.

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