LGBT*IQ Awards

Application Rising Star Award

Application deadline: August 31, 2021

The “Rising Star” category awards newly founded or young networks that will shape the future. These networks position themselves optimally, use their resources efficiently and work closely with both diversity and corporate management. The road for successful networking has been paved and the way ahead is clear. In addition, the network is supported across all levels of the company and the topic of diversity and inclusion is also firmly anchored in the corporate structure and culture. LGBT*IQ diversity topics are not only addressed on specific awareness days, but also throughout the year through internal and external activities and engagements.

Your network has what it takes to be the newcomer of the year? It was founded less than two years ago but you’re already playing in the big leagues? Apply for the Rising Star Award 2021.


    Your application:

    How long has your ERG existed?


    Further information about your application:

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    Who is part of the ERG and what dimensions of gender and sexual identities are represented?

    What have you achieved so far as a ERG and what do you have planned next? Is there an action plan?

    Which levels in your company do you work closely with? Does your ERG have an executive sponsor?

    Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the ERG?

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