LGBT*IQ Awards

Application Global Leader Network Award

Application deadline: August 31, 2021

The “Global Leader Network” category focuses on established networks in major companies whose activities reach beyond national borders. Implementing a largely unified and global strategy requires perseverance, lots of heart and great teamwork. This category therefore also honours sustainable success and universal scope. In addition, the network is supported across all levels of the company and the topic of diversity and inclusion is also firmly anchored in the corporate structure and culture. LGBT*IQ diversity topics are not only addressed on specific awareness days, but also throughout the year through internal and external activities and engagements.

Your network isn’t limited to Germany only? As a global player, you are committed to equal opportunities for LGBT*IQ beyond national borders as well? Apply for the Global Leader Network Award 2021:


    Your Application:

    How long has your network existed?


    Further information about your application:

    Describe the structure of your ERG. Is there one global ERG or many local ones? In which countries is your ERG active and what is your reach? Is your company also active in LGBT*IQ hostile countries?

    What measures have you used to support LGBT*IQ equal opportunities globally?

    On a global level, where do you see your greatest success as a ERG?


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